Solo: A Star Wars Story – Spoiler Free First Reaction

My initial reaction and thoughts about to the Solo movie without direct spoilers (I can’t help it if you infer anything from what I say here). The quick of it, I would say It is a very solid enjoyable movie but not one that pushes new boundaries. Star Wars fans will enjoy it, if they […]

Building a Hive Mind – Stellaris Utopia

Steallaris Utopia came out recently and I just had to dive in and poke around at the new Hive Mind option. Check out these two videos covering the setup and first half an hour of play with my new empire the Tchaaskeran Collective. The Tchaaskeran Collective are an insectoid hive-mind with goals of galactic domination. […]

Anime Appraisal: Joker Game

I originally shared this review over on the Brisbane Geek Social Club website. The website for a not for profit club/community that I help to run.  You can find the original post here. In autumn of 1937, as the coals of World War II are beginning to smoulder, Lt. Col. Yuuki of the Imperial Army […]

Anime Appraisal: Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama is an average middle school boy nicknamed called Mob, which means background character, due to his lacking a sense of presence. Although he seems like an inconspicuous person, he is in fact a powerful Esper. Realising his psychic powers are dangerous he constantly lives a life in emotional shackles to avoid his powers […]

Game On: Town of Salem

It is that time of year for people to let out their inner monsters and enjoy the some light hearted “dark” fun. This is Halloween, everybody make a scene. Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright. No better time to introduce you to this simple game I found on Steam. Town of Salem pits people […]

Movie Madness: Age of Ultron – Reception Prediction

After having seen Age of Ultron twice on opening week here in Australia last week I came to a quick thought on the new Avengers movie, it won’t be as well received. It might bring in more people than the first one, strong Marvel fans will probably love it, but you’re general crowd (and a […]

On The Table: Pandemic Contagion – First Impressions

I recently came into contact with a new pandemic that Z-man Games has released upon the world… hmm maybe I should rephrase that. Pandemic: Contagion is a new game in the Pandemic line published by Z-man games. I made the unplanned purchase only a couple weekends ago and have managed to get in a good […]

Game On: Shadow of Mordor – Review

If you’ve read or heard anyone else’s thoughts on Shadow of Mordor my calling it a cross between Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham would come be nothing new, even if I said it leans a little more towards the Arkham side of things, and who would see that as a surprise considering it is a […]

Movie Madness: Godzilla (2014) – Reflection

Ever since I was a but a toddler I have been fascinated with Godzilla. For some reason, as many kids oddly do, I was rooting for the King of Monsters from day one. Not only day one for me but also starting with the very first movie where Godzilla was the antagonist (to say the least). […]

Tenjo – Op Shop Game Pickup

I recently paid a visit to a local Lifeline store to check out what they had in terms of storage potentially to use for my board games/pieces and take a look at what games they had on their shelves. Unfortunately these places usually accumulate trash games like “How to Host  a Murder” or the six […]