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It is that time of year for people to let out their inner monsters and enjoy the some light hearted “dark” fun. This is Halloween, everybody make a scene. Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright.

No better time to introduce you to this simple game I found on Steam. Town of Salem pits people against each other trying to find out exactly who is a good member of the town and who is not and deal with those found guilty. In the game you have three factions. The Townies who are trying to root out the evil in their town, the Mafia trying to rid themselves of everyone who opposes them and a Serial Killer who wants to kill everyone else. There are also other roles such as the Jester or Werewolf who have their own objectives.

For those of you who have played Mafia/Werewolf or one of its many variants this may sound very familiar. You have two phases a day phase and a night phase. During the night phase all sorts of people have special abilities from the Medium who can talk to the dead to the Escort who can distract someone and of course the Serial Killer and Mafia members killing people as they sleep. Then the day phase where everyone scrambles to share info and figure out who deserves to be sent to the gallows.

Whoever gets a majority of votes of surviving members is put on trial, they can say their last words to affect the judging before everyone votes on their final fate. If nobody gets enough votes nobody is put on trial. So you need to not look too shifty if you are a good guy for you see even if you are innocent of being part of the Mafia, A Serial Killer or the rare Werewolf you still may find your way to the hangman’s noose.

Death however is not the end of your usefulness. Each night you should be updating your journal with clues and information to leave for your survivors. There is also a medium who can talk with the dead at night so you can pass on your thoughts to the living. So dead Mafia should watch out on the bragging and naming of their cohorts.

This continues on until only one team has members left standing in the Town of Salem! Check out my video below for an example of some of the game-play with some commentary and other thoughts.

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