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I recently paid a visit to a local Lifeline store to check out what they had in terms of storage potentially to use for my board games/pieces and take a look at what games they had on their shelves. Unfortunately these places usually accumulate trash games like “How to Host  a Murder” or the six or so Twilight games that I saw as well as a number of children’s toys that try to pass themselves off as a game. Of course all of them labelled “As Is”.

I didn’t really expect to find a complete game let alone something that might be half decent, a couple bucks for a few interesting looking components was the best I was hoping for. Eventually I came across a lone copy of a real hobby game – Tenjo.

Not being a game I was familiar with I gave it a quick search up on Board Game Geek and I found a result. Ok so the game doesn’t have the best ranking at 9338 (at the posting of this blog) and it is a predicted three hours long average. I’m not afraid of a long game, if it is good…


Tenjo box

Copy of Tenjo I picked up at St Vincent De Pauls

Scrolling down to the description part on BGG I see

From the publisher’s website:

TENJO captivates players from a wide range of age groups with diverse gaming interests. Strategies combine elements of combat, resources, wealth, negotiations, and timing. The warfare is ruthless, diplomacy is crucial, and emotional engagement is intense.

A highly flexible set of rules allows 2 to 4 players to adopt a limitless number of scenarios and methods with ease. Expected game time varies from 3 to 10+ hours. No two games are the same. This is truly a war game of infinite possibilities!

Ok so the game doesn’t look like something I am going to get to the table so much with a possibility of 10 hours and “flexible” rules… and as you can see because of the big box and the parts inside well they didn’t think it a very cheap game at $12 for a second hand copy “As Is”. Now talking about these parts, that is exactly what kept me interested. Opening up the box I found that all the parts were there or at least all the plastic was. Included in the game are 20 “Daimyo General Pawns” and “20 Shadow Warrior Figurines” add to that the cardboard soldier tokens, cards and dice and you’ve got some decent components for salvage in the worse case scenario. Think of the possibilities for these Samurai on horseback!

Tenjo Daimyo and Shadow Warriors

I’m a sucker for plastic components

I already used the two included D20 and the D10 as counters to keep track in a game of Smash Up. In the next few weeks I hope to test Tenjo out at home and then bring it to the table at a meetup or with a friend or family member to give it a proper go. Once I do I will be sure to put up my thoughts on in.

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