Peter Davison Meet and Greet

 As soon as I heard there was going to be a meet and greet for Peter Davison as part of his touring for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular I knew I would have to go. For me this meant making a significant detour on my way to work, luckily I had some time up my sleeve and an accommodating team.

So I got in nice and early expecting a line up to be already in place. I however didn’t expect it to be as far as it was, considering it was a work day and he wasn’t turning up for another two and a half hours for a ten-ish start. There were at least fifty people there already ahead of me. Before too long the line had reached its maximum capacity for the number they were allocating to the time and Peter was no slow coach in the speed department.

When it came to my turn to see the Fifth Doctor himself and get my item signed I was given the opportunity to hand over my phone to get a picture taken too. Of course I took it! When I mentioned how much I loved the Five(ish) Doctors reboot and the take the piss out of themselves nature of the whole thing he had such a grin on his face and of course he shot back about how much fun it was to work with the other guys. Not forgetting that Tom wasn’t there again mind you, having a crack at him in a playful manner.

Me telling Peter Davison how much I love the Five(ish) Doctors

Me telling Peter Davison how much I love the Five(ish) Doctors

I know people say this about everyone they meet but even with the handful of seconds I got to speak the the man I could tell Peter Davison is certainly a great guy and the genuine article. He is certainly on the ball when it comes to being his public persona (I get there is little separation). Heck the guy even wore a stick of celery to the meet and greet.

While I was in the line I had something to sign (a magazine I got with my Audiobook subscription) but I really wanted something better than that. So I slipped out of the line and purchased something a little better while someone held my spot for me. Cost me fifty dollars but since the signing was free (the best kind of signing event) it really rounded out to about the same cost as most as Supanova… plus I dare say this looks a bit more presentable without needing any extra work.

Peter Davison Signature

Signed in person and framed. Gotta love it.


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