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We The Ghosts

We The Ghosts – Holdin On

We the Ghosts are a local alt-country band (or as I rather call them a “country influenced rock band”) that originally hail from parts not too far from where I live here in Queensland, Australia. I have been following the band for a while now and today was certainly a great experience. For the first time I’ve really seen that others too can see the talent in the team to a level I hadn’t seen before. The line up of people waiting to get their free EP or band shirt they purchased signed by the band certainly not the least of the signs, not to mention the fact it took over half and hour to clear this line. But I guess that is really cutting to the end of the story.

I personally first saw the Tomlins brothers, Alex (guitarist), Nic (bassist) and Jake (drummer), at a battle of the bands, headlining after the competitors around five years ago. This was in their earlier band, Dissonance, with a different sound and a different vocalist not to mention all of them were still in school. At that very fist show I noticed talent followed them using that now dated social networking site Myspace. The years passed and their talents grew.

It was two years ago when I heard word of this new band that started with Alex and a new face John Cesar (vocalist and second guitar) this was We the Ghosts. Reading the words alt-country and being a self proclaimed metalhead I didn’t expect to love the music as much as I did from the first hearing. With John’s unmistakably country sounding vocals the band’s direction was not only clear but their product amazingly polished.

So I followed them to every gig I could from that day forth,and kept in contact with them and spread the word on Facebook and every other way I can. One of these gigs included their support spot for Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes at the Eatons Hill Hotel where half of the reason I actually went was for them. Jimmy Barnes is cool but I had already seen Cold Chisel within a year.

Fastforward to today… well yesterday by now… and there I was singing along and really enjoying the music and so was everyone else. It really shouldn’t have surprised me, with the waves they had been making and a recent chance to do a bit of a tour over in Nashville… the home of country music in the United States. Their momentum has really started to build and the fanbase growing. They were genuinely appreciative of the fans and recognised a few that had been following them for a while.

After the gig finished and the crowd around the boys at the merch table began to clear I had a good chat and handed over my EP to be signed; getting signatures surprisingly something I hadn’t done before. I also picked up a t-shirt which will certainly help in my efforts to spread their name and ready for the next gig.

If you would like to find out more about We the Ghosts, sample some of their music or find out if they are coming around near you, check out their Facebook page

UPDATE: We The Ghosts have now officially changed their name to Outlierscheck them out here https://www.facebook.com/outliersofficial. They have also changed their sound a bit. I’ll have more on my thoughts on this soon.

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