Felicia Day Panel – Brisnova 2012

Felicia Day creator and star of The Guild. She was the reason I had to go to this Supanova, I go to every one in Brisbane usually but her presence made it a necessity. I had already seen James Marsters before along with Gareth David-Lloyd last time the pair visited Brisbane for Supanova. Felicia as far as I knew had never come to Australia before, and I believe her comments and Facebook updates pretty much confirmed that.  Felicia is an icon in the online video (especially web series) community and a Supergeek of sorts.

With me sitting a couple rows behind the VIPs and Felicia sitting for most of the panel, compared to James who mostly stood, it made it difficult to get many decent photos. With as short as she is, even with some pretty large heels, her brief time standing only provided a slightly better chance. None the less Felicia’s panel was one of the hilights of the weekend for me; the panel seems to blurr right on through so fast that even Felicia herself was surprised and I’m quite sure she would have been glad to continue.

There were a lot of your kind of standard questions about things like how do you make something sucessful online. The answer she provided was much like you always hear. Do something you love and don’t do it with a goal of making money or being successufl, make it because you love it and the with some luck the rest will follow.

With her insight into how “networks” are being formed online Felicia did mention one thing that might be different and new to many though. This was the idea that you can actually look at the idea of creating content for these “networks” such as her own Geek & Sundry. Geek & Sundry has a number of “shows” on a YouTube channel which airs these regularly. One such “show” is Tabletop which is hosted by Will Wheaton. Wheaton was a guest at the first Supanova Gold Coast this year in which he also talked about his experiences as part of Geek & Sundry.

One of the best moments during this panel was when the topic of Vegemite was brought up and it stirred a myriad of answers as to whether or not to try it. Once again it was my sister starting this trouble as she mentioned a status update Felicia made on Facebook referencing the spread.

Finally of note, little did I know at the time but the panel was being recorded for use in the Flog (Felicia’s Vlog) and I could actually spot myself at about the 48 second mark during the episode .

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